Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shed theft robs child of presents

19th February 2009

A BRECHIN youngster has been left down in the dumps after two of his most prized possessions were stolen from his garden shed.
Ten-year-old Calum Anderson discovered on Thursday when trying to get a sledge to go to play in the snow that his Blue Skyteam 100cc kids scrambler, which has pink flashes, and his yellow Harrow BMX had been taken from the shed at his home in Dundas Park.

Calum had received the scrambler for his birthday back in August, and had previously saved up birthday money to buy the BMX for himself.

Claire Allison, Calum's mum, explained: "The padlock had been broken off, and the police said that they must have had a key for the bottom lock of the shed, but that most of those types of key are the same. They broke into one of the other sheds as well but I don't think they have taken anything there because there were boxes in front of the stuff.

"The folk must have made a few trips for the theft though because the scrambler is heavy and it would have taken a few of them to push it up the embankment. Then folk would have had to come back to get the BMX and the strimmers which they stole as well, so it would have been a couple of trips.

Tayside Police stated "At this time of year it is more important than ever to be aware of security for any sheds, garages or outbuildings around your home. Very often these storage areas are not used for several weeks and, because of this, they can become a target for theft or vandalism, which can go un-noticed for some time.

"Ensure you check your shed, garage, outbuilding or other outside storage regularly.

"Look out for your neighbours and, if you see anything suspicious, contact the local police or information can always be passed anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

(Originally published in the Brechin Advertiser)

GARDIEN TIP: Follow tha advice on our Sheds and Outbuildings page,

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