Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garden Theft in the United States

Well, surprise, surprise. The U.S. seems to be waking up to the fact that Garden Crime should be taken seriously, which is precisely wjhat we have been advocating here for the last eighteen months or so. Looks like we're ahead of them on this one. The following comments are taken from the American web site www.Securityworld.com

"Garden theft is a little publicized, but widely occurring crime in the United States. There is no exact count on the number of plant thefts that occur each year because the United States does not have a national crime watch for this type of theft. The insurance companies of Great Britain, where this is a reported crime, estimate that 1 in 7 gardens are burglarized every summer. This thievery ranges from the very small- taking a few cuttings from a flowering bush while the owner is at work, to the very large- stealing an entire hedge while the owner is on vacation. Garden theft also includes the theft of garden furniture, lawn ornaments, garden sheds and equipment, such as lawnmowers. To protect your garden from theft, follow these tips from the Association of British Insurers.

Lock away expensive items such as lawnmowers when not in use
Make sure that sheds and garages have adequate security, and that door and window frames cannot be forced
Prune trees and shrubs near sheds, greenhouses and garages to prevent thieves working undetected
Consider planting theft-deterrent shrubs, such as those with prickly leaves and thorns close to vulnerable entry points
Keep the garden well lit. Consider installing security lighting"

For rather more comprehensive advice go to www.garden-security.co.uk

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