Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Youngsters 'devastated' by bikes theft

17 March 2009

A Toddington mum has issued a desperate appeal for the return of her sons' bikes, which were stolen from her garden shed.

Kerry Brennan, 26, says her sons Callum, eight, Reece, six, and Riley, two, are "devastated" at the theft of the bikes, which happened on Saturday, March 7.

Thieves broke into the brick shed at the family's home in Bush Close, and stole two motocross bikes and a quad bike, which Ms Brennan says are worth about £3,000 in total.

She said: "I hadn't been very well so the boys were staying with a friend. I came home on Saturday evening and everything was fine.

"It must have happened between 11pm and 8am. There was wood everywhere from the shed door, which had a lock on it. I think they'd used a screwdriver to wrench open the door.

"The police said it looked like they'd cut the bike chains with bolt croppers, and they said there would definitely have been more than one of them."

The motocross bikes were a KTM Pro Senior and a KTM Mini Adventurer, both orange and black, and the quad bike was a Suzuki LT50.

Ms Brennan added: "The boys just keep asking where their bikes are. I'm going to have to replace them but I don't know how."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the boys' bikes, contact the newsdesk on 01582 798519.

(Reproduced from Luton Today)

GARDIEN TIP: Extend the home security alarm system to include the garage and property mark all expensive items to render resale worthless. See

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