Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Fully Aware Of The Cover Your Policy Provides?

The average contents insurance policy covers your possessions against loss or damage from a number of different perils; including storm damage, fire, flood, theft, and water and oil leaks to name but a few. Many also include accidental damage cover as standard, but there is further cover offered that many people are simply unaware is standard as part of their policy.
Here are a few examples of such cover that many insurers offer as standard with contents policies:
Theft of money and credit cards. Most content policies will cover loss of credit cards and cash, even if the loss occurs outside the home. Most policyholders are aware of the cover upon the premises, but fewer are aware that cover is continued outside the home.
Theft from your garden shed. Thefts from garden sheds are sadly quite common. A recent survey suggested that 30 per cent of those questioned were either victims of this type of crime or knew someone who had been. Cover for this type of loss varies according to the insurer, and of course only applies to sheds that are locked.
Cover for alternative accommodation Should there be an insured incident at your home that makes your home uninhabitable and therefore requires you to temporarily move out, this cover provides a sum to pay for alternative accommodation. Some policies have a fixed upper limit for the cover, but other insurers calculate their maximum amount as a percentage of the policyholder’s total contents sum insured.
Freezer - loss of power Many content insurance policies offer to refund the cost of food - kept in a freezer - ruined as a result of a power cut.
Some of the other lesser-known features offered as standard with quality content insurance policies include:
Loss or damage to garden furniture - this also includes garden contents, hedges, trees, lawns and shrubs
Damage or loss to office equipment while in the home - although, as with any insurance policy, check the upper limits of cover if you regularly bring work home.
Loss or damage to downloaded information - this can be very handy to restore valuable downloaded items that may be lost through theft or damage.

(Reproduced from Article/.net 29 April)

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