Friday, May 22, 2009

Is your garden insured for the increased risk of theft?

As crazy as it may sound there has been a significant increase in garden thefts since the recession hit home and many homeowners are finding they are severely under-insured. We are talking about thieves breaking into sheds and stealing expensive equipment as well as thieves stealing expensive shrubs, plants and even freshly laid lawns. So are you fully covered? The vast majority of people in the UK automatically assume that their home insurance will cover their garden when in the majority of cases this is not correct. It is essential that you check the small print on your home insurance contract and if any significant equipment is retained in your garden then you should approach the likes of Churchill and Lloyds Bank. These two offer specific garden insurance to ensure you're able to replace any stolen equipment, trees, conservatories, shrubs, lawns or anything else located in your garden. In general it can be a big mistake, and potentially very expensive, to automatically assume that your insurance policies cover every scenario and every possible event. If in doubt you need to check with your insurance company to see if certain events and items are specifically covered; otherwise you could be seriously out of pocket if the worst comes to the worst.

(Reproduced from May 22nd)

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