Monday, May 18, 2009

Police hunt for plant thieves

Light “green” fingered plant thieves have left an Ipswich couple devastated after stealing a shrub from their garden. Patricia Meyer had been in hospital when her large terracotta pot holding a pink Rhododendron was stolen from her Stone Lodge Lane front garden. Police are also investigating a similar theft in Gippeswyk Avenue, Ipswich where a Rohdodendron bush was dug up and stolen from a front garden on Thursday May 7. Mrs Meyer, 65, said: “It's despicable really. I'm not so concerned about the plant and pot being taken as they can be replaced, but it's the thought of someone coming onto our property. “My husband had been visiting me at the hospital and he realised, when he got home, something was not quite right.” Mrs Meyer said her garden was surrounded by railings, and believed the thieves must have taken the potted bush away in a vehicle as it was very heavy. “It seems they had a car parked up as the shingle had been disturbed. It's unbelievable.” She said her two remaining pots were chained down to prevent thefts, but even their security light had not deterred the criminals from taking the terracotta pot, with lion shaped handles, which disguised a drain cover. Suffolk Police are linking the two thefts and asked anyone with information to telephone Sgt Roger Salmon at South West Ipswich Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from the Ipswich Evening Star, May 17th)

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