Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trowbridge boy in tears after BMX theft

Nine-year-old Lewis Smith has been left devastated after thieves stole his prized bike from his family’s back garden.
Lewis, of West Ashton Road, Trowbridge, has been left distraught since his bright orange Halfords X-Rated BMX bike went missing last week.
His parents have appealed for anyone who may have seen the £250 bike to let the police know so they can try and get it back for their son.
Mum Julie Perrett-Smith said: “My husband noticed it was missing when he got up for work last Wednesday at 5.30am.
“It had been in the back garden which is surrounded by a 6ft-high fence.
“He woke me up to let me know.
“Our dog Scooby normally goes nutty at people when they walk in the garden gate but he didn’t that night for some reason.
“It’s very strange, usually the only time he doesn’t bark is if it’s a child.
“I had to wake Lewis up and ask him if he knew anybody who would have taken his bike or borrowed it, but he didn’t.
“I had to tell him I thought it had been stolen.
“He’s been crying his eyes out ever since.
“It was awful, because I know how much he loves it.”
Lewis’ parents bought him the bike last summer when the weather started to get warmer and say he rides around on it each evening when he comes home from West Ashton Primary School.
Mrs Perrett-Smith said: “When he comes home from school he keeps his uniform on and is stright out on the bike. We don’t see him until tea time and then when he comes in at night.”
She has reported the theft to Trowbridge Police but they have yet to come and take a statement from her.
She said the bike went missing some time between 11pm on Tuesday, May 5 and 5.30am on Wednesday, May 6.
Anyone with information should contact Trowbridge Police on 0845 4087000.

Reproduced from the Wiltshire Times, May 12th 2009)

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