Saturday, March 6, 2010

Keeping Horsham homes secure in spring

WITH THE approach of milder weather many people will soon be out in the garden and the Horsham District Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership is asking residents to think about the security of gardens, garages and sheds.
The value of property stored in gardens, sheds and garages is often more than may be first imagined. Lawnmowers, power tools, ornaments, sports equipment, cycles and toys are amongst those items most often taken by thieves. Alan Haffenden, a Crime Prevention Officer for Sussex Police, said: "Most burglaries happen at the rear of premises; burglars are lazy and are looking for easy ways to get into a house or garden. They will often use tools from sheds or garages to break into a house."
Some tips from Sussex Police to increase security include:
Securely lock away tools and ladders.
Consider movement operated lights at the front and back.
Identifiable security marked property can deter burglars because it is harder for a thief to sell and can help the Police to return it if found: Uniquely security mark property with the postcode followed by house number or first two letters of the house name. Engrave or etch wherever possible, if not, use an ultraviolet marker pen.
Secure the garden: Lock side and rear gates. Consider prickly planting to provide nature's own barrier to stop intruders, but keep it pruned to prevent concealment.
For more information, go to the Sussex Police website or pick up the 'How safe is your garden' leaflet available at Police Stations. Alternatively contact the Horsham District Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership on 01403 215124, or email

(Reproduced from West Sussex County Times, 6th March)

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