Monday, November 21, 2011

Why don’t you steal this gnome as well, mate...

Missing Gnomes sign in the front gardenMissing Gnomes sign in the front garden
THEFT is gnome joke to one keen gardener who has put up a sign calling on thieves to take his final lonely figure.

Ashley Nelson put up the sign after two of his three gnomes were swiped in one night.
Mr Nelson and his wife Jean had made an attractive feature in their garden in Chapel Road, Terrington St Clement, using the gnomes, a footballer and male and female bowlers.
Mr Nelson put up the sign shortly after the theft three weeks ago, calling on the thief to take the final figure, the male bowler, as he is “bloody lonely.”
The figures have not been returned to the couple, which shows that there is gnome limit to how low the thieves will stoop.
Mr Nelson said: “They are not valuable things but it is the fact that we try to keep our garden looking nice with a few things dotted about.
“Someone took a liking to them and thought that they had more right to them than us. It is a kick in the teeth.”
The couple were given the bowling figures, painted in their club colours, to mark their pearl anniversary. The bowler gnome is 18in high.
The footballer was given to Mr Nelson to mark a successful season for Terrington St Clement Football Club during his time as manager.
The 2ft figure was painted in the club colours of claret and blue.
Both gnomes were taken from the garden on October 21, an extra blow for Mr Nelson as it was Trafalgar Day.
Mr Nelson, who is still the football club’s secretary, would like to have them back at gnome sweet gnome.
This is not the first time, gnome-nappers have taken ornaments from the couple’s garden.
A gnome and five lights from the pond had been taken from the garden in the past.
Mr Nelson said he put up the sign due to his wicked sense of humour, which has appealed to passing drivers.
He said: “I have had quite a few people stop and laugh about the sign. I did hope to get them back but they’ll probably be on a some car boot sale now.”

(Reproduced from Lynn News, 21st November 2011)

Gardien Comment: Nice to be able to laugh about it but theft from gardens can be very distressing. See for free advice on protection.

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