Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wallington 'elf-nappers' hunted over garden centre theft

Three women, one in a wheelchair, have been spotted stealing an electric elf from a garden centre in south London. The suspects stole 2ft-high Chippy from Woodcote Green Garden Centre in Wallington on 6 December.
Chippy, a pink-faced elf, used to wave at visitors to the nursery before it was taken, leaving bosses "shocked" by the behaviour.
The women were caught on CCTV unplugging Chippy before leaving after the incident.
They were accompanied by a young child. 
Phil Barnden, manager of the garden centre, said: "I was particularly shocked that someone could stoop so low. We want him back.
"The most disappointing thing is he is not there to wave at all the little children coming in.
"We have now got an empty plinth where Chippy used to sit next to his mate Rusty."
Mr Barnden said it cost about £1,000 to hire the two elves.
He said collections during the Christmas festivities raise money for charities including Help the Heroes.
Mr Barnden added: "We want to try and get him back. The kids are missing him."
Police hope anyone who saw the thieves will get in touch.
One of the suspect is aged 25 to 30, about 5ft 6in tall, with long black hair and a ponytail wearing a black tracksuit.
The wheelchair-user was being pushed by a teenager in a stripy black and white T-shirt.

(Reproduced from BBC News Online 15th Dec)

Gardien Comment: An "elf and safety" issue?  Another example of how nothing can be considered safe from theft during the run-up to Christmas. Don't leave it too late - take precautions before you become a victim, not after. 

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