Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Warning over shed bike thefts

POLICE are urging cyclists to be extra careful if they store their bike in a garden shed.
The warning follows recent thefts in Fishponds, where sheds without sturdy locks have been particularly targeted and bikes have been taken.
Inspector Graham Fox said: "We are currently investigating several incidents of theft of bikes in our area. We want to make people aware and urge them to think carefully about whether the security on their sheds and garages is adequate enough to deter thieves.
"Is your bike locked out of sight or can it be seen by passers-by? Does your shed or garage have a lock and is the lock strong enough? Is the bike locked up inside the shed or garage?
"During the last six months we have fitted ground anchors for victims of moped and high-value cycle thefts in the Hillfields and Fishponds areas, but they can be purchased from cycle and hardware shops and are worth the investment."
He urged people to register bikes on the property register

(Reproduced from Bristol Evening Post Dec 2nd 2011)

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