Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now it's Garden Gates

Police join forces over metal theft
POLICE in Glanymor and Tyisha have revealed scrap metal thieves are resorting to stealing garden gates as they join forces to tackle the problem.
Officers spoke at the latest meeting of the Safer Communities Action Group, where they made scrap metal thefts a joint priority for the coming month.
PCSO Arwel Davies said: "There is an initiative running regarding scrap metal thefts, which is a problem nationwide, but for the ward there have been seven theft crimes relating to scrap.
"There is nothing of note to say they are targeting particular areas.
"For the residents and the community, what we would advise is to be aware that they will take basically what they think is people's rubbish, whether it's from their gardens or outside their gates.
"Or in some cases they're even taking the gates themselves.
"Gates have been taken from vacant properties where they think they are old.
"We are addressing it and certain offenders are known to us.
"There are operations in line with the nationwide Operation Beagle to deal with this."
Updating the group on crime figures for the past two months, PCSO Davies added that there had also been eight burglaries in the Glanymor ward, one of which had been detected.
PCSO Simon Lewis said there were four shed break-ins and five forced entry burglaries in the neighbouring Tyisha ward between November 17 and December 29.
"One property was entered via an insecure rear door," he said.
"We are looking at maybe having a burglary initiative in the new year to get that figure down.
"The figures have dropped since Christmas but we will take it forward as an initiative.
"We have also had two offenders arrested regarding burglaries, and they have admitted to a high number of burglaries committed before Christmas."

(Reproduced from This Is South Wales, 16th Feb)

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