Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flower theft in Davenham sparks anger among residents

AN ANGRY Davenham resident is calling on her neighbours to be vigilant after a hanging basket was taken from her garden.

The 29-year-old, who lives in Firthfields but does not want to be named, said primroses from a container in her front garden had been ‘swiped’ just as they had gone into full bloom.
The gardening enthusiast said a trail of soil had been left on the floor after the plants were taken in the early hours of March 26.
She said: “We spend our hard-earned money on a few plants and do not expect them to be stolen.
“I would like people to keep watch over their gardens and their neighbour’s property to ensure this greedy behaviour stops.
“It may be a small thing to be stolen but it means a lot to us and is a violation of our property.”
To report a crime, call Cheshire Police on 101
(Reproduced from Northwich Guardian, 28th March)
Gardien Comment: It is clearly impossible to prevent all thefts but common sense precautions can minimise opportunities. See for advice and security products

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