Thursday, March 29, 2012

Secure garden scheme to boost home security (in Clacton)

The ‘Secured by Design’ initiative is designed to help people cut down on crime and feel safer by putting security measures in place.
The garden has been set up at Parker’s Garden Company centre at Kirby Cross.
Crime reduction officer Dave Gillies from Clacton police station said: “The garden has been designed so that members of the public can see for themselves what products are available and how best to use them to protect homes and belongings.
“It shows that you do not need to live in a fortress to feel safe.
“By applying the principles on show you can significantly reduce the risk of being a victim of crime."
The demonstration garden was launched by Superintendant Adrian Coombs and will be a permanent feature for people to look at.
The security measures on display include devices like locks and alarms.
It also shows off ways of arranging a garden to make it more secure, including using prickly defensive plants and gravel to generate noise.
(Reproduced from the Clacton Gazette, 29th March)
Gardien Comment: An excellent initiative - full advice on minimising garden crime and first class security products can be found at

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