Friday, April 27, 2012

Dismay over tub theft

Toddlers at Shepton Mallet's Paul Street Community Centre have been left heartbroken by the theft of a tub of spring flowers they had lovingly planted and were eagerly watching grow.
The tub was one of a group the children and staff had planted up with help from Dobbies Garden Centre community champion Mark Gibbons who donated the bulbs.
Maureen Shearn who runs the Paul Street Community Centre with her husband Neil said they were all dismayed when they discovered the theft of one of the tubs.
"We would appeal to whoever did this to return it.
"During their Tuesday morning play session at the Centre, the Toddler Group planted these tubs with bulbs, kindly donated by Dobbies Garden Centre, to make an attractive Spring floral display.
"They looked really beautiful. There were stones in the tub, plus it had been well watered – so it must have been very heavy for whoever who took it away. We would just like it back," said Mrs Shearn.
"The same thing happened last year too – but someone decided to bring it back a week later.
"I don't know who it was but it suddenly reappeared – hopefully this one will too."

(Reproduced from Shepton Mallett Journal, 27th April)
Gardien Comment: It's not only the value of any stolen item - it's the effect it has on those who suffer the loss.  Whatever precautions can be taken, should be taken to minimise loss. Lots of free advice at

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