Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Police warning on garden crime

A spokeswoman said, “The theft of Power tools, mowers, garden tools, mountain bikes and golf clubs are just some examples of expensive equipment being stolen by opportunist thieves from insecure sheds. Crimes of this nature can be prevented by effective garden security from boundary fences and gates to the valuables stored inside your shed. Here are tips to find out how you can ‘weed out’ the garden thieves.
Well positioned external lighting is a great way of keeping intruders at bay and can be purchased from most large DIY stores.
The boundaries of your property are your first line of defence. Ensure that gates, fences and walls are in a good state of repair. Make sure rear garden fences are high enough to make climbing over them difficult. A trellis can be added to assist.
Side gates to be positioned to the front of the house. Increasing natural surveillance to deter intrusion.
Gates to be kept locked at all times.
‘Defensive Planting’ is the term used to describe the way you can use certain prickly plants, bushes and shrubs to deter thieves and burglars.
This green-leafed security measure is not meant to replace, but to complement other security measures, such as lighting, locks and alarms. Think about using defensive planting around vulnerable areas such as: Windows, Fences, Boundary walls, Drainpipes.
And for shed security: Keep your shed in good condition; Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door. Fittings should be bolted through the door and any screws concealed; Fit grilles or mesh to the windows; Invest in an alarm
Make sure: Large items such as bicycles are chained together. It is much more difficult for a thief to carry away a lot of large heavy items all at once; Ladders are locked to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they cannot be used to reach top floor windows of your house. Valuables should be marked with your postcode.
(Reproduced from Mid-Ulster Mail, 18th April)
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