Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two bikes and jet washer stolen in raid on garden shed

EAST HULL: Two bikes and a jet washer were stolen when thieves broke into a shed.
The shed was at the back of a house in Mayville Avenue and it is thought the break-in took place some time between 4am and 9am on Tuesday, October 9.
Thieves went in through the unlocked door and stole a men's purple and white Dunlop mountain bike and a women's purple bike.
The RAC jet washer, stolen during the break-in, was orange and black.
Humberside Police have given a number of tips on crime prevention in relation to sheds and garages.
The say they should be positioned near the house and fitted with movement-sensor floodlights.
If sheds or garages have weak walls, doors or roofs, they should be reinforced.
If you don't intend to use windows, they can be secured shut or fitted with locks.
Hanging old curtains or netting up will also prevent any prying eyes from seeing what is stored in the shed.
Expensive items such as power tools, bicycles or golf clubs should be stored inside the home where possible.
Anyone with information about the Mayville theft should call police on non- emergency number 101, quoting reference number 1934804.

(Reproduced from  12th Oct 2012)

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