Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Preventing Scrap Metal Theft


Local police in the area have set the theft of metal as one of their priorities. Whilst there are a number of genuine scrap collectors in Consett who provide a much needed service removing unwanted items from our homes and gardens, there are a number of people operating in the area in a less than acceptable manner. It is against the law for a scrap collector to take an item out of your garden or yard without getting permission first. This scrap metal theft has been on the increase in recent years as the price of scrap metal has been steadily on the rise.
The Police need your help to try and crack down on the illegal scrap metal collectors in the Consett area. If you see anyone acting suspiciously then you should inform the Police who can investigate the situation further if needs be. If you have any items in your garden which you value, you should take steps to ensure they are safe.
  • Ensure gates are locked so that access is difficult to an opportunist who may see items they are interested in.
  • Secure items including bikes with chains and locks.
  • Make a note of the serial numbers of items and store them in a safe place indoors.
  • Report any suspicious persons or vehicles to police at the time.
By following these steps, it is possible to ensure that you are storing your items outdoors in the safest manner possible. By taking a note of the serial number of the items it makes it much easier for the Police to find your property if it has been stolen.
If you have a garage or a shed it is also important to make sure these are properly secured. If someone has decided to have a look in your garden for scrap, they may well try to take a look in your shed and garage also.
(Reproduced from  Consett Magazine 3rd Sept)
Gardien Comment: Metal theft continues to be a major problem. Lock away all portable metal items in a secure shed and use property marking on all large items

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