Thursday, April 10, 2014

Appeal launched after a unique garden ornament designed by artist Alice Palser was stolen from a garden in Aldington


The owner of a stolen statue depicting a topless woman is appealing for its return.
The bronze garden ornament was taken from a garden in Aldington sometime between Friday, March 28 and Tuesday, April 1.
The statue, which measures 24in x 18in, is a unique piece by the artist Alice Palser.
The owner is keen to see the statue returned
The statue is of a seated topless woman with a drape over her lap.
Now, police are appealing for information about the theft.
A spokesman said: "The ornament has sentimental value to the owner who is anxious to get it returned.
"Police would like to hear from anyone about the theft and anyone who has seen the ornament, or knows of its whereabouts."
Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Maria Hales on 07980 683878.

(Reproduced from  10th April)

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