Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Naked statue goes missing

A naked statue theft is being linked to other crimes in South Cerney in the Cotswolds. A Venus de Milo statue was stolen from the garden of a South Cerney house and police are linking it to a number of other thefts in the same road.

The statue, which was outside the front door of the house, was stolen some time between February 9 and 17 from The Leonards.

The front grill from a BMW 320 parked in a driveway in The Leonards was stolen between 1pm on Thursday and 11.45am on Saturday.

Another grill was stolen from a BMW 318 at The Leonards between 6pm on Friday and 12.30pm on Saturday.

If anyone has any information about these thefts call police on 0845 090 1234.

(Reproduced from the Wilts and Gloucestershire Herald)

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