Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Problems around Huddersfield

Moldgreen, Feb 17. Entered front garden of house and lifted Yorkshire stone paving slabs which they stacked for removal. Raiders are disturbed by a neighbour and made off without the property.
Almondbury, Feb 21. Garden shed window forced open and petrol lawn mower, strimmer, wheel chair and small child’s quad bike stolen.
Almondbury, Feb 18. Stones thrown at greenhouse causing damage to three panes.
Almondbury, Feb 21. Entered front garden and pulled plants from pots and bushes from garden.
Dalton, Feb 21. Damaged garden fence.
Almondbury, Feb 17. Threw stone at window above rear door causing damage.
Almondbury, Feb 23. Used large stone from garden to smash upvc patio doors at rear of address.
(Excerpts from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner)

GARDIEN COMMENT: The above problems all occurred within a few days in a relatively small area. Multiply it across the country and the situation is appalling. Garden crime needs to be taken seriously and most gardens are far too easy to get into. See our Prevention pages at

GARDIEN TIP: When laying new slabs, score your postcode into the underside. For older stones use SelectaDNA on the slabs and put up a warning sign advisinbg of this

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