Thursday, March 5, 2009

Widow’s anguish at theft of birds

A Telford pensioner has been left devastated after thieves stole birds from her late husband’s beloved aviary.

The thieves struck on four nights at the home of 81-year-old Dorothy Phillips in Ketley Bank, stealing a total of 14 birds from the aviary over the last nine days.

Mrs Phillips was forced to stay up into the early hours today watching the aviary to ensure that the thieves did not return for her last few birds.

Her husband, Raymond, 85, died in May and particularly enjoyed the aviary for the last three years of his life while he was housebound.

Mrs Phillips said: “My late husband and I have had them for quite a few years.

“That’s all he could do at the end, just sit and look at the aviary.

“The rogues who go around for these birds must know I’m on my own now, because they didn’t come when Raymond was alive,” she added.

“I had some beautiful yellow canaries - the birds were like children to me.”

Constable Pete Simmonds, Telford police spokesman, said: “A number of captive birds have been reported as stolen from a Telford garden aviary.

“The aviary in Ketley Bank has been opened and subsequently closed and a number of canaries, finches and Java sparrows are missing.

“Fourteen birds in total have been reported as stolen with a value of £80”.

(Reproduced from the Shropshire Star)

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