Friday, April 10, 2009

Green Finger protection against Sticky Fingers!

Not even our gardens are safe from thieves. According to the article “Two thirds of households forget garden insurance” garden theft is a very big issue especially because people tend to overlook the necessity of insurance for the garden.
As a nation, we love our gardens! On average we spend in excess of seven hundred pounds on our garden yet over sixty per cent of us have no insurance in place for it. Why are we not insuring our gardens?
The reason we are failing to insure our gardens is not because we are unaware of garden crime. Over seventeen per cent of people in an M&S poll stated they knew of someone who had plants, trees and shrubs stolen. The problem is a bigger one in the north where almost a quarter of the poll knew someone who had been a victim of garden crime. Garden crime is not just about stolen plants and the like but can also include criminal damage by intruders so it is all the more surprising that people are missing the point of garden insurance. Gardeners love nothing better than to enjoy hours of every day nurturing their gardens to the extent that their patch of greenery of certain dimensions becomes a prized possession.
We lock away our precious jewellery and our cars but what of our gardens? Many gardens lack security of any kind and prove enticing to the passing thief and vandals.
When looking into garden insurance, do bear in mind that garden furniture should be covered by home contents insurance, while patios and conservatories can be covered by your buildings insurance. It is essential to shop around for the best insurance to suit you and your needs because some companies will not cover you for plant replacement while others will.

(Reproduced from The UK Insurance Blog)

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