Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lock up garden valuables, warns esure home insurance

esure has warned householders to stay vigilant with garden security as the weather warms up.
The home insurance provider said that with summer on its way, many Brits will spend more time in the garden using expensive gardening equipment.
Failing to lock this equipment away after use presents an ideal opportunity for passing thieves, esure said.
Garden tools, ladders, and toys should all be locked away to discourage opportunistic thieves from snatching them, the company advised.
The warning was issued after a study by ICM Research found that 93% of householders regularly leave expensive items out in the garden overnight.
esure is also urging consumers to check the terms and limitations of their home insurance, as many policies do not cover items left in outhouses and gardens.
Mike Pickard, esure home insurance head of risk and underwriting, said: “Brits may spend a great deal of time, money and effort on making their gardens attractive but they also need to think about security too.
“Taking a few simple steps can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of garden crime - such as the use of security lighting or prickly hedging as deterrents.”

(Reproduced from Finance Markets)

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