Monday, April 6, 2009

South Yorkshire Police aim to reduce garden crime

Now's the time to get out into your garden. Crooks have the same intention too. So South Yorkshire Police have issued a leaflet helping gardeners protect against crime.
Historically, around this time of the year many police forces state that garden crime increases, some blaming the car boot sales for the increase of shed burglary or theft of gardening equipment. However crime statistics from the last three years in South Yorkshire show that January is the month during which most garden-related crime is committed.
So South Yorkshire Police have created a new colourful leaflet, Rich Pickings, that offers practical advice on making gardens, garages and sheds more secure. It also offers guidance on the types of prickly plants that can be planted to protect property, along with information on the types of approved security products available and where to purchase them.
The aim of the leaflet is to reassure people that because the warmer weather is drawing nearer it does not mean that garden crime increases. It offers some simple advice on how gardeners can increase security around our home without necessarily breaking the bank

(Reproduced from Crime Reduction Partnership News)

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