Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Police hunt tree and shrub thieves

POLICE are hunting tree and plant thieves who have struck eight times over the past week in west Suffolk. Amongst the items stolen were 30 Leilandii shrubs, a cherry tree, a magnolia bush, two apple trees and various other plants. Officers believe two thefts in Clare, four in Hundon and two in Wixoe, are linked to the thieves who may be attempting to make a profit from their illegal enterprise. There are concerns that the offenders could try to sell the plants through car boot sales or other means. Anyone who has been offered shrubs, trees, bushes or plants in unusual circumstances is being advised to report it to police. The cherry tree was taken from a large pot outside a bank in Market Hill, Clare between 5.30pm last Friday and 9am on Saturday. Earlier in the week two trees and a shrub were stolen from a garden in Hill Terrace, Clare between 10pm on April 13 and 6.15pm on April 14. Meanwhile, in Hundon 30 Leilandii shrubs were taken from outside a house in Farmerie Road, between Friday and Saturday. Over the same two days a shrub was taken from a front garden in Lower Road, Hundon. An attempt was also made to steal a second plant. The next theft was in the village's Lower Road, between 8pm on Friday and 7am on Saturday when a magnolia bush was stolen from a front garden. Thieves struck for a fourth time the same night in Galley Road when two Salix Hakyro-Nishki trees were from a front garden. Wixoe was also targeted between 9pm last Thursday and 5.25pm on Friday when two apple trees were stolen from another front garden in the village. A currant bush was also taken from another property's garden sometime between Monday last week and Sunday. If you have information about any of these thefts or have been offered plants, trees or shrubs in unusual circumstances or from someone at a boot sale telephone Suffolk police on 01284 774100 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from EADT24 21st April 2009)

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