Friday, April 17, 2009

Soccer fan Callum heartbroken by theft

A LITTLE boy has been left heartbroken after thieves stole his goal — including posts, bar and net.
Keen footballer Callum May also lost four cherished footballs to the thieves.
The nine-year-old who plays for Exwick Youth Under 10s, has now just one football left — a birthday present. The thieves struck at Callum’s home in Coventry Road, Exwick, and are thought to have spent several days “casing” the scene before the theft.
They somehow managed to manhandle the 12ft by 6ft goal, complete with net, over a five foot garden fence and through brambles into a back lane.
Residents are being urged to watch out in case a goal suddenly appears in their garden.
The thieves’ audacity has shocked Callum’s mother, Kerrie, whose back garden was home to the goal, which the youngster used for football practice every day.
Mrs May said the goal — white, plastic-coated metal posts stuck in the ground with special supports — had been in their back garden for a significant time.
“It is a full size goal, 12 foot wide and six foot high, with nets. It has been in the garden for months,” she said.
“We disturbed some lads looking over the fence from the back lane. Then our neighbours actually caught them in our garden and they were scared off.
“But on Monday night, sometime between 10pm and 10.30pm, they must have come back and taken the goals, leaving the stakes behind.
“I don’t know how they managed to get it over our fence and all the brambles in the path.
“ I suspect one must have jumped in the garden and manhandled it over to someone else.
“Whatever happened, someone must have seen them walking about with a full-size goal.
“I would think somebody must be suspicious if a goal has suddenly arrived in their garden — and they should ask questions.”
Mrs May said that Exeter police had been informed and were investigating the theft.

(Reproduced from the Exeter Express & Echo)

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