Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yobs steal widows' treasures

Thieves have stolen ornaments with great sentimental value from the gardens of two widows in Cotmanhay leaving them devastated.
The yobs took gnomes and a bird bath, which have little value to anyone else from the gardens on Marsh Avenue and Ebenezer Street last Friday night. Pauline Ogden, 64, who collects garden ornaments, has been unable to sleep following the theft and damage to her garden and says she now feels vulnerable on her own. Mrs Ogden discovered the damage when she woke up on Saturday, May 9. She said: "I am heartbroken – the things they've taken aren't worth a lot of money but they were presents from my late husband and daughter and mean a lot sentimentally." I haven't been able to sleep and I haven't felt able to go out, apart from to go to the police station. I don't like being on my own when I think I'm being targeted and my legs have come out in a rash because of the stress." Beryl Webberley, 72, who had a large stone birdbath that she bought with her late husband taken, said: "My son has kindly bought me a new one but he's said he's going to concrete it in. " She said that the bird bath, which had distinctive stone figures of a hedgehog and a mouse on the base, was very heavy and must have taken at least two people to carry it. Anyone with information about the March Avenue theft, which took place between 10pm on Friday, May 8, and 7am the following morning, and the Ebenezer Street theft, which took place between 8pm and 1am on Saturday May 9, should call Derbyshire Police on 0345 123 33 33

(Reproduced from the Ilkeston Advertiser, May 21st)

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