Thursday, May 21, 2009

Youngster "heart broken" after bike theft

A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy was left devastated this week after thieves stole his new bike.
Kian Lunniss’s bike was taken between 9pm on May 12 and 8am the following day from his home on Bossington Drive in Taunton.
His mother, Michaela Webber, said: “There seems to be a lot of it in the area at the minute.
“The bike was a late Christmas present and he absolutely loved it and would ride it every day.
“When he found out he was devastated and kept asking if his bike had been found.
“It also made everyday chores like going to the shop a lot easier as I’m pregnant and have a child in a buggy so could just let Kian ride alongside me but now it’s going to be more awkward.”
She added: “I’m hoping someone saw who took it or knows where it may be.
“We thought the bike was safe as it was in our closed garden. Thieves would have to come right into the garden and it was hidden away – they must have been watching and known it was there.”
The partner of Kian’s grandmother, David Webster, added: “Kian was absolutely heart broken.
“He finds it hard to comprehend how people can be so cruel - because cruel it is.
“If thieves possess a minute sense of conscience they will return the bike.”
The bike is a black and red Apollo child’s mountain bike.
Anyone with information should contact Michaela on 07922570512 or e-mail

(Reproduced from Somerset County Gazette, May 21st)

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