Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Canaries stolen from back garden

Police are appealing for information after a number of canaries were stolen from a house in Bolton-le-Sands near Carnforth. The theft occurred between 6.30pm on Tuesday October 19 and 8.30am the following morning. Twelve Harlequin canaries were stolen from an aviary in the back garden of a property on Sunnycroft Hillcrest Avenue. They are described as being of varying colours with a crown on their head. PC Peter Bennett, from Morecambe police, said: “It is possible that these canaries may have been stolen specifically due to their rarity value, however an opportunist theft cannot be ruled out.” Anyone with information should call police on 08451 25 35 45 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from Lancashire Evening Post, 25th October)

Gardien Tip: All pet enclosures need to be suitably alarmed - the distress caused by the loss of animals is generally worse than the loss of goods. See the garden alarms available at http://www.garden-security.co.uk/garden-alarms.aspx

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garden sheds targeted in spate of thefts

A VILLAGE near Farnham was hit with a spate of burglaries and thefts of gardening equipment worth more than £1,000 at the end of last week.
Residents are being urged to be vigilant following six incidents that all took place in Hamlash Lane, Frensham.
Firstly, a pair of bolt croppers were stolen from a shed which was forced open some time between 4pm on Friday (October 9) and 9am on Saturday.
The offender caused £15 of damage by forcing the door handle and got away with the tools valued at £25.
A trailer worth £750 was stolen from a field when thieves got through three insecure gates to find the unit, which was then pushed out onto the road.
The offence took place some time between 10pm on Friday and 8.15am the following morning.
During a similar timeframe a Ford pick-up was broken into when the back passenger window was smashed.
Gardening equipment worth more than £1,000 was stolen including a Stihl leaf blower and a Stihl hedge cutter.
An electric lawnmower valued at £600 was stolen from an insecure garden shed in the same area some time between 4pm on October 3 and 4pm on October 9.
Waverley’s crime reduction advisor John Robini said: “I would encourage everyone to be vigilant following this trail of crime and to report to Surrey Police anyone seen acting suspiciously in their neighbourhood.
“Homeowners should always check on their security whether this be for their houses, outbuildings or cars.”
Police recommend sheds are alarmed and padlocked and contents such as tools, garden furniture, lawnmowers and bicycles should also be secured and marked permanently and prominently with name, postcode and house number.
Anyone with information on the recent incidents should contact 0845 125 2222, quoting reference WV/10/5700.
Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be called anonymously and free of charge on 0800 555 111

(Reproduced from getSurrey.co.uk October 12th)

Gardien Tip: The shed is the number one target for thieves - see the article on Shed Security at http://www.garden-security.co.uk/shed-security-print.htm

Monday, October 11, 2010


Gnomes – once the much mocked toys of old aged pensioners are coming back into fashion. Banned from the Chelsea Flower Show in the last decade, the gnomes were discarded. But thanks to a boon in trendy gardens, with people buying gazebos and high power gas barbeques, the gnome is being welcomed back with open arms. In the eighteen to twenty four year old bracket, gnomes are all the rage, with sixteen percent of home owners in this bracket owning them, second only to the over fifty fives. As these little creatures grow in popularity, so does the act of stealing gnomes, or ‘gnoming’.
Unfortunately, garden theft isn’t limited to the lowly gnome. Nearly twenty eight percent of homeowners have experienced theft of garden possessions, with anything from patio heaters to koi carp being pinched when we are out. London is the capital of garden theft in the UK, with thirty four percent of people having something stolen. Sadly, while people go to great lengths to protect their belongings in their home, they are not so careful with items of worth in the garden. On the whole, people forget to lock sheds and garages, making their belongings easy pickings for thieves all over the country.
Top tips are to be vigilant if you see someone lurking around who shouldn’t be, and keep garden ladders and tools locked in the shed with a padlock while they aren’t in use. Even if you are in the garden, be careful, as an opportunist burglar will pinch anything if given a chance. Make sure that your Contents Insurance policy covers your belongings in the garden.

(Reproduced from Chelsea Football Match, 11th Oct 2010)

Gardien Tip: Those percentages relating to Garden Theft are alarming - advice and products can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Police issue warning after more thefts from gardens

POLICE are urging residents to take all preventative measures possible after another spate of garden ornament thefts.
In recent weeks, thieves have stolen a variety of garden items from homes in Great Totham, Tiptree, Purleigh and Maldon.
Two stone statues were stolen from the garden of a home in Pump Lane, Purleigh, between midnight on September 10 and the same time on September 20.
Five pink chimney pots were taken from a garden in D'Arcy Road, Tiptree, between midnight on September 16 and midnight on September 20.
Four red terracotta Victorian chimney pots were also taken from a garden in Tiptree Road, Wickham Bishops, between 2am last Thursday and 5pm last Friday, while an iron gate was stolen from a home in Orchard Road, Maldon, between 7.30pm and 10pm on Friday.
Crime reduction adviser Dave Rapson, said: "We advise residents to take a photo of ornaments in their gardens and also that they secure them with cement or a decent chain and lock.
"We would also urge people to keep an eye out for vehicles acting suspiciously in rural areas."

(Reproduced from the Maldon Standard 29th Sept 2010)

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