Friday, August 31, 2012

Lurcher stolen in third Lingfield kennel break-in

A family from Surrey are appealing for information after their pet lurcher was stolen in the third break-in at kennels at the end of their garden.
The dog, called Roxy, was taken from the house in Station Road, Lingfield, while her owner, Phillipa Edwards, was at Edenbridge and Oxted Show on Sunday.
Mrs Edwards said she believed the thieves waited until they were out before forcing their security gate.
The same dog was stolen in September last year, but recovered on the A22.
"My husband pursued the thieves and, alarmed, they threw her out of their van window," said Mrs Edwards.
"I strongly believe it is the same people who have come back for her. She is not a valuable dog, however she is young and very fit."
She said she believed the thieves wanted the dog for illegal hare coursing.
Surrey Police said officers would like to speak to a man captured on CCTV installed by the owners.
"The dog is a much-loved member of the family so I would appeal to anyone who may have witnessed something suspicious or who knows the whereabouts of the stolen dog to contact us as a matter of urgency," said a spokesman.
The three thieves are described as white and in their late teens or early 20s and slim, with brown hair.
Two were wearing jeans and the third grey tracksuit bottoms. They were also wearing T-shirts and hooded tops.
Dogs taken in an earlier theft were recovered after Mr Edwards pursued the thieves.
(Reproduced from   31st August)
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whistling African Grey parrot stolen from Lincolnshire home

POLICE are appealing for information about the theft of an African Grey parrot, that was taken from the rear garden of an address in Horbling Lane, Stickney.
The bird is 20-years-old and is described as 12in tall, grey body with a patchy white and grey head with a red tail.
  1. Parrot
    An African Grey parrot similar to the one which was stolen
It is much loved and says phrases including the start of the Monty Python song, 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', which it then continues to whistle. It also says the words, 'John' 'Tom' 'Richard' and 'Go careful'.
The bird is worth about £600.
It was taken on between 9am and 3pm on August 24.
PC Dave Eldridge said: "The welfare of the bird is of immediate concern and we would urge anyone who knows where it is to contact police or arrange for it to be returned to the owner without delay. Anyone who has been offered a parrot for sale should call 101, quoting the crime number."
Anyone with information should contact PC Dave Eldridge at Horncastle and quote crime number, 32120036849.
(Reproduced from  30th August)
Gardien Comment:  Valuable pets are too often targeted by thieves so it is important that they are adequately protected. Make access to your garden as difficult as possible and use intrusion detectors to warn of unwanted visitors.  See the advice and products at

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Suzuki motorbike swiped from garden

A silver Suzuki RV 215 motorbike was stolen from Glen View in West Kilbride. A 44 year old man reported the £1600 theft from his garden which happened between 6.30pm on Wednesday 15 August and 8am on Thursday 16 August.
Inspector Andy Clark said: "The owner had been working on the motorbike and it had no starter motor on it, so it wouldn't go. It would have to have been pushed away or transport would have been necessary to take it away."
If you can help, contact the Police on 01475-674651
(Reproduced from Largs and Millport Weekly News, 25th August)
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Frankie the Kerry blue terrier feared stolen from Totton home


Frankie, the Kerry blue terrier
  • Frankie, the Kerry blue terrier

HE is a rare breed worth hundreds of pounds but above all is a beloved family pet.
Thieves are thought to have stolen Frankie, a Kerry blue terrier, from the garden of his Hampshire home.
The two-year-old, that is classed as vulnerable as there are less than 300 of them registered nationwide, was taken after his owner Lydia Stallard put him in the garden of her Totton home with her other dog Dayzee.
When he did not come back inside Lydia went to investigate to find the side gate to her property was open and Frankie was nowhere to be seen.
Despite a huge poster campaign and flyer drop in the area there have been no sightings of Frankie, who was wearing an identification collar and is also micro chipped.
“It is the only reasonable explanation, that someone has taken him. We have tried everything and he has just vanished. He wouldn’t just wander off and if he had been found my contact details were on his collar so there would be no reason why someone wouldn’t have got in touch. The worst part is not knowing what has happened to him.”
(Reproduced from Southern Daily Echo, 10th August)
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Police warning after eight bike thefts

As the Olympic Games inspire a generation of new cyclists, police are warning the summer is the prime time for bike thefts.
Eight bicycles were stolen across the borough last weekend – some were left unlocked for a short time while some were in a locked garage or shed.
Thames Valley Police have produced a leaflet advising cyclists on how to protect and secure their bikes this summer.
Wokingham Neighbourhood Team Inspector Greg Elphick said: “I wouldn’t say we’re experiencing a cycle theft crime wave but there have been a few shed and garage thefts in the last few days.
“With our Olympic track and road success and the prospect of hundreds of shiny new bikes being bought this summer it is a good time for bike owners to give bike security a bit more thought.
“These flyers are being sent out electronically to our Neighbourhood Watch people and I’ll be asking the parish councils to post a few up around their noticeboards.”
An unlocked bike hidden in a bush was stolen from Bentley Drive in Arborfield Garrison last Friday.
Another bike was stolen from a garage in Murray Road, Emmbrook, on Saturday after the owner left the door open and went inside for around 10 minutes.
Three bikes were stolen from back gardens in Winnersh over the weekend. Thieves forced open the doors to a garden shed in Azalea Close on Saturday night and took two bikes, while a third was taken from a home in Laburnum Road.
Intruders also forced their way into a locked shed in Church Street, Twyford, on Saturday night, stealing two bikes, while a bicycle which had been locked to a fence in front of a home in Mount Pleasant, Emmbrook, was also taken.
The police leaflet warns cyclists that a bike is stolen every minute across the UK, more frequently than cars or motorbikes, and less than five per cent of those are returned to their owners.
A recent survey by found many thefts are not reported as people believe police are not interested in tackling bicycle thefts.
The police believe bike thieves can be categorised into four groups – joy riders, thieves stealing specific types of bikes to order, opportunist thieves who steal anything in exchange for cash or other goods and drug addicts.
Anyone with information which could assist the police with the incidents last weekend should ring 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
(Reproduced from GetWokingham, 8th August)
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Police crime prevention

Insp Michelle Falkingham, of the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, wants locals to protect themselves and their property.
She said: “Don’t leave your doors and windows unlocked or open whilst they are unattended — even if you are in the back garden. Someone could be in your front door and away with your belongings before you know it.
“I was out walking my dogs in the village where I live and I noticed five front doors wide open with no immediate sign of anyone nearby. In one case there was a purse sat on the work surface next to the door, very visible. If I had been that opportunist thief, that could have been five more burglaries that people in our area had suffered.”
Insp Falkingham also urged people not to leave keys in the backs of doors or near to the door. She said: “This is a method that has been used in burglary, sometimes with articles being put through letterboxes and fishing keys out.”
Safety in the home wasn’t Insp Falkingham’s only target. She said: “When out, look after your belongings. Don’t leave handbags, purses, valuables on show when out and about.”
She also advised people to leave mobile phones at home when going out drinking, to avoid risk of it being stolen. Insp Falkingham also targeted vehicle owners. “Last year we had a significant rise in work vehicles being broken into, particularly at night, and tools being stolen,” she said. “We have seen a slight pattern of this occurring again. If possible remove your tools, black out windows, fit additional security, or park near a garage or wall to make it more difficult to get in and remove large items.
(Reproduced from The Selby Times,  4th August)
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gardens, garages and sheds targeted as thefts increase 10%

Thefts from garages, sheds and gardens increased by ten per cent in the year to April and are up almost 20 per cent compared with five years ago, according to the Office for National Statistics. 
Not surprisingly, police are warning households with gardens and outhouses to be extra vigilant and lock away any valuable items at night. Insurance giant Aviva says that power tools accounted for 42 per cent of garden thefts last year. 
A further 39 per cent was for hand tools with the remainder for items such as lawn mowers, barbecue sets and ladders. Aviva says thefts from gardens and sheds shoot up by 25 per cent in the spring and summer. 
Peter Ketteringham, household underwriting manager at Aviva, says: ‘The long summer evenings mean that the goodies in your garden are more visible to opportunistic thieves, so try not to advertise what you’ve got. 
‘Clear up your garden every evening, including patio furniture and expensive barbecues if they are on show, and make sure that sheds and garages are locked or padlocked.’ 
Even garden ornaments and metal tables and chairs are not safe since the value of scrap metal has soared. Sculptures are being stolen from public parks and thieves are even uprooting lamp posts for aluminium and electric cable. 
Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, says householders should be careful to check what level of cover their home contents policy will give them for items kept in the garden. 
He advises marking items such as patio furniture with the postcode and keeping photos of valuable items such as power tools, patio heaters and large gas barbecue sets in case an insurer wants proof of ownership. 
‘Joining a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme can also prove to be a deterrent to burglars and thieves,’ adds Foulds. Insurer esure covers claims up to £2,000 for contents in the garden and up to £2,000 for items in locked outbuildings, sheds and garages. 
Aviva’s household policies provide cover for theft of contents in locked outbuildings, garages and sheds up to £2,500 – this would include lawn mowers, bikes and golf clubs. 
Cover up to £500 is available for garden contents such as plants, pots, ornaments and patio furniture. The cover is for theft, fire, extreme weather events and malicious damage. 
The Halifax Home Solutions policy covers theft of contents from locked outbuildings up to £5,000 and contents left out in the garden, such as patio furniture, up to £1,000. 
The Halifax Home Options insurance covers theft of items from outbuildings up to £2,000 and garden items up to £1,000.

(Reproduced from  6th August
The full article can be viewed at: )

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