Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FELTWELL: Barn owl stolen from back garden

A barn owl has been stolen from an aviary in Feltwell, Kings Lynn.
Thieves raided the back garden of a home in Hereward Way, Feltwell, on Wednesday, April 17.
The light brown female barn owl was wearing a leather foot brace with brass eyelets at the time of the theft, which happened between 1.15am and 6.30am.
Thieves also took traps, cages and pest control equipment.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police on the 101 number.
(Reproduced from Lynn Times, 30th April)
Gardien Comment:  Sadly, valuable birds are often targeted by organized thieves. It is reasonably cheap to install a very effective alarm system to guard against intruders - see http://www.garden-security.co.uk/garden-alarm.aspx. Buy an extra receiver for £20.00 and set the system so you hear a polite chime in the house but sound a loud alarm by the aviary

Friday, April 26, 2013

Householders across Cleveland warned to lock up their goods as spring blossoms


AS spring finally arrives, residents are being reminded to Nip Garden Crime in the Bud and protect their outdoor goods.

Cleveland Police has launched its spring and summer campaign to drive down thefts from sheds, gardens and garages. Historically garden and shed burglaries tend to rise in the spring and everyone is urged to take action to prevent becoming a victim of crime by remaining extra vigilant.
Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Mick Hunt, Redcar and Cleveland District Crime Manager, said: “Although crime across the force remains low, we are determined to drive it down further.
“To do this we want to actively involve the community by ensuring they take preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim of crime in addition to keeping a watchful eye on their own and their neighbour’s property and report any suspicious activity.”
And crime prevention officers are encouraging people to join Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) schemes to help cut down on theft.
For more information about NHW schemes, contact your local neighbourhood problem solving coordinator on 01642-326326 or www.cleveland.police.uk
(Reproduced from The Northern Echo, 25th April)
Gardien Comment:  See the article on Shed Security at http://www.garden-security.co.uk/shed-security-print.htm

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Close the garden gate on crime - police advise

Local Neighbourhood Inspector Alison Ferguson said: “Securing your shed is important and burglars will take advantage of any opportunity to gain easy access. Make sure that doors are solid enough not to be kicked in and fit strong closed shackle padlocks.
“You should never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked, especially if it has a connecting door to the house. A thief could get in and work on the inner door in privacy.
“Ideally, expensive equipment and toys should not be stored in a shed however if you have no alternative, ensure you permanently mark items and keep a record of what you have stored. UV pens can be used to invisibly mark your property with your postcode.
“Make sure large items such as bicycles are chained together too as it’s more difficult for a thief to carry away large heavy items.
“Ladders should be locked to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they cannot be used to access upstairs windows.”
“To make your shed secure ensure that meshes or grills are fitted to the windows and invest in an alarm. It is also worth checking that your household insurance policy covers garden or shed equipment and find out if any minimum security standards apply,” said Inspector Ferguson.
If you require any crime prevention advice, contact your local crime prevention officer on 0845 600 8000.
(Reproduced from the Ballymena Times, 22nd April)
Gardien Comment: All the above is sound, basic advice. Much more, and quality security products, can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garden, garage and shed security check warning

The Elmbridge Community Safety Partnership is warning residents to check the security of their gardens, garages and sheds.

The partnership, which is made up of such organisations as the police, borough council and county council, aims to reduce crime and fear of crime.

It said that while the overall number of burglaries has fallen over the last year, there have been a number of incidents where items have been taken from poorly secured garages and sheds.

It added that as the weather starts to improve it is likely that thieves will also turn their attention to furniture and equipment which is left out in the garden.

Community safety partnership manager Peter Kipps said: “There are some very simple steps residents can take to deter criminals from targeting their homes.

“We have a leaflet available giving advice on shed and garage security as well as tips for improving the security of your garden and advice on defensive planting in order to stop the trespassers from gaining entry to the garden in the first place.

“The leaflet, entitled “Rich Pickings”, is available at the Civic Centre in Esher and at libraries within the borough.

“I would also recommend marking property so that it is identifiable should it be stolen and recovered at a later time.

“A code unique to each house is the house number followed by the postcode or residents may prefer to use a propriety product such as selectaDNA which contains numbered microdots which can simply be painted onto items, the number is then registered in your name with the company.

“The items being stolen are tools, garden equipment and pedal cycles, which find a ready second hand market and are easily disposed of.”
(Reproduced from Elmbridge Today, 16th April)
Gardien Comment: The products required to strengthen security, including SelectaDNA, can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk )

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Puppy believed stolen from garden

The five-month old puppy was a Munsterlander, a breed which looks like the Springer Spaniel, and was a black and white bitch.
The puppy was last seen in the garden at 9am today and noticed to be missing at 11.15am.
The garden is secure so the puppy could not have escaped.
Dog thefts are rare in Lincolnshire but owneres are warned to beware and report anything suspicious to Lincolnshire Police. (Tel: 101).
Another attempted theft of two Spaniels was reported on Tuesday evening. The owner confronted the male as he was holding one of her dogs and he threw it back over the fence to her.
The man involved in that incident is described as being 50 plus years old, very large build about 6ft tall with a shaven or partially bald head, scruffy, wearing a grey hooded top. There was also a smaller, skinny male with him.
They were using an older silver Mercedes, possibly an E Class which is described as being old and battered.
(Reproduced from Sleaford Standard, 20th April)
Gardien Comment: A suitable intruder alarm at the garden's access points will almost certainly deter thieves, and if the additional expense can be justified then a CCTV camera should be installed. For a range of options see www.garden-security.co.uk 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Metal theft from Hinckley garden is condemned

METAL items valued at more than £1,000 were taken from a yard in the back garden of a house in Hinckley.

Among the items taken from Coventry Road was a tricycle belonging to his baby son Joel and building materials but most were connected with the pump industry in which Mr Mills works; guard rails worth £96 a yard, radiators and angle irons.
Victim Jamie Mills said: “Those who took these things would say they were scrap but it’s nothing more than thieving and it’s absolutely disgusting.”
He feels that the theft serves as a warning to well-meaning people who put metal items out but do not realise they might be taken by unscrupulous individuals.
“These people think they are doing good and the items will be recycled but are taken as scrap and those who do it are getting more comfortable and will stop at nothing.
“One of my neighbours has a metal roller for their lawn and that would have gone if I hadn’t heard it being wheeled out of the garden. Also I know of a farmer who found someone wandering through one of their barns picking things up and when he asked what they were doing, they said ‘I thought it was scrap’.”
A white Ford Transit van was seen in the area at the time items were taken on Friday April 12. A man may have taken the goods while a female sat in the cab of the van which had large writing on the side.
(Reproduced from the Hinckley Times, 18th April)
Gardien Comment:  It is possible to mark your items invisibly with products such as SelectaDNA - warning signs will deter thieves but any retrived items are immediately traceable back to the owner. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Discuss shed security with Hinkley Point policing team


The Hinkley Point policing team and Neighbourhood Watch organiser will be at EDF Energy’s information centre in Angel Place, Bridgwater, on Tuesday, April 16, from 10am to 3pm.
People can discuss shed security, bring property to be security marked or learn how to register property online, and volunteer to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
The policing team will also be able to discuss matters such as home and garden security and screening.

(Reproduced from thisisthewestcountry.co.uk  12th April)

Gardien Comment:  Another timely initiative.  More advice and security solutions can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thieves sought after garden ornaments theft in Shildon

GARDEN THEFTS: Thieves stole a grey stone birdbath from a garden on Waterloo Terrace, Shildon, overnight on March 30. The birdbath has a stand that looks like a tree and there are two otters, painted brown, in the centre of the bath. A cream coloured curved stone bench with two stands made by rabbits was also taken. Witnesses should contact Shildon police on 101.

(Reproduced from The Northern Echo, 7th April )

Gardien Comment:  This time of year always sees an increase in garden thefts. Protect yourself using the advice and products at www.garden-security.co.uk


Friday, April 5, 2013

Keep an eye on garden tools after rural crime spate

People are being warned to be vigilant after a spate of crime in rural areas where gardening equipment has been pilfered.

Police are asking people to keep equipment in outbuildings secure and to report anything suspicious.
Bikes were stolen from a garage in Forest Road, Winkfield Road between Friday, March 22, and Tuesday, March 26.
Gardening equipment was taken from a garage in Woodside Road, Winkfield and from three outbuildings in Chawridge Lane between Monday, March 25, and Tuesday, March 26.
Mill Ride Golf Club in North Ascot had gardening equipment stolen between Monday, March 25, and Tuesday, March 26, when the greenkeeper’s shed was forced open.
Several locks were forced from outbuildings in Church Lane and Maize Lane Warfield, but nothing was taken on Monday, March 25.
Anyone with information can contact police on 101.
(Reproduced from getbracknell.co.uk 4th April)
Gardien Comment:  There is always an increase in garden crime at this time of year - the sure way to protect your tools and other valuables is inside a secure metal garden shed. See the range available at http://www.garden-security.co.uk/Steel-Storage-Unit.aspx

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Durham Police's seasonal crime prevention reminder with onset of British Summer Time


The movement of clocks forward at the weekend means there will be gradual longer days and lighter nights on the approach to the mid-summer months.

Durham Police say this brings extra reasons for home owners to take precautions over their property.

This includes the increased chance of doors and windows being left open, making it easy for sneak-in thieves to strike, and valuable equipment being left insecure in garden sheds.

Crime prevention advice includes not leaving vehicle keys on benches, window sills or key racks near doors and windows, or even beside letter boxes where they can be accessed from outside.

Bicycles, toys and garden tools should be kept secure overnight, while garden owners are urged to take care to secure barbecue equipment, patio furniture sets and garden ornaments.

Where possible householders are advised to indelibly mark property, whether used inside and outside the home.

Residents are also advised to double check their home, garage, garden and vehicle are safe before they retire for bed.

Chief Superintendent Ivan Wood said: “In addition to issuing seasonal crime prevention advice, we have a number of ongoing initiatives to continue to keep County Durham and Darlington safe.”

Among the specialist schemes are Forecourt Watch, seeking to tackle fuel thieves, and Shopwatch, to target retail crime and counterfeit currency.

Chief Supt Wood said: “We will also be actively promoting the value of Neighbourhood Watch schemes and encouraging more people to get involved.

“Local communities can also get involved in promoting safer neighbourhoods by coming along to a regular local PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting.
(Reproduced from The Northern Echo, 3rd April)
Gardien Comment:  Sound advice - for more detailed advice re garden security and a host of specialist security services, see www.garden-security.co.uk


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nip garden crime in the bud

Gardeners are being reminded to lock up their sheds this spring in a bid to reduce theft from outdoor storage areas.
Longer daylight hours and warmer weather can spark a wave of thefts from sheds and gardens worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Aylesbury Vale District Council and Thames Valley Police are launching a garden security roadshow to help cut down on the crime and save residents the misery of discovery they have lost precious or costly items from lawnmowers to power tools.
The roadshows will offer to residents in Aylesbury Vale free property marking for garden gadgets and power tools. Residents will be able to bring up to three tools from home or purchased that day from the roadshow locations.
Community safety officers will also be giving people advice on how use their gardens to protect their homes, including defensive planting, which involves planting prickly shrubs near windows and doors, putting tools away and using suitable locks on sheds and garages. Free vehicle crime prevention kits will be available to visitors on a first come firsts served basis to help reduce vehicle crime at beauty spot locations.
The property marking sessions will take place at garden centres and hardware stores across the Vale on the following dates:
• Friday 5 April – World’s End Garden Centre, Wendover, 10am to 1pm
• Wednesday 10 April – Buckingham Garden Centre, 10am to 3pm
• Thursday 11 April – B & Q, Aylesbury, 9.30am to 1.30pm
• Friday 12 April – Wickes, Aylesbury, 9am to 1pm
• Monday 15 April – Homebase, Aylesbury, 10am to 3pm
• Saturday 27 April – Haddenham Garden Centre, 10am to 3pm

(Reproduced from Aylesbury Vale District Council info, 25th March)

Gardien Tip: An excellent initiative. Further advice and security solutions can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk)