Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tractor weights stolen from Welwyn Garden City farm

TWENTY tractor weights weighing 500kg have been stolen from a farm in Welwyn Garden City.

Tractor weights like these have been stolen from a WGC farmTractor weights like these have been stolen
Thieves raided Stanboroughbury Farm on Coopers Green Lane and took the weights, which were being stored in a box.
Police, who have released pictures of items resembling what was stolen, said the theft took place some time between July 21 and August 4.
Pc William Rogers-Overy said: “I would like to appeal to anyone who heard or saw any suspicious activity around the time of the incident to come forward.
“Alternatively, if someone has offered you the items for sale or you have seem them appear somewhere, I would also like to hear from you.
“They would be quite conspicuous and are fairly unique, but are though to have been stolen due to their scrap metal value.”
Call Pc Rogers-Overy with information on the non-emergency number 101.

(Reproduced from Welwyn Hatfield Times, 30th August)

Gardien Tip: There is currently no limit as to what metal objects thieves will take and they will soon have them melted down so retrieval is not feasible. The task, therefore, is to keep items of value in secure storage units such as metal sheds designed for the purpose - see  http://www.garden-security.co.uk/Steel-Storage-Unit.aspx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thieves take two quad bikes from Fenland.

Mike Marriott’s red Quadzilla 325cc road-legal quad was stolen from his house in Leverington Common shortly before midnight on Thursday August 18 after the thieves gained access to his back garden.

The thieves cut the chains securing the quad as well as a child’s grey Apache 50cc, taken from Mr Marriott’s neighbour’s garden.
Red diesel and a number of tools were also stolen from his neighbour after they broke into two steel containers.
DC Kayleigh O’Brien, said: “I would appeal to anyone who may have seen the quad bikes or saw anything suspicious in the area between 9pm and 8am on Friday to contact me.
“As part of the investigation we are carrying out house to house enquiries and viewing CCTV.”
Despite the theft of the two vehicles police say there is not an increasing trend of quads being stolen in Fenland.
Mr Marriott declined to comment.
CONTACT: Anyone with information should call DC O’Brien on 0345 456 456 4 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from The Wisbech Standard, 26th August)

Gardien Tip: Expensive quad bikes should ideally be stored in a secure metal shed, but at the very least they should be protected by a suitable alarm system.  Details available at www.garden-security.co.uk

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skelmersdale family devastated over theft of tribute to cadet Leah Alderson

HEARTLESS thieves have stolen a tribute to a talented teenager who was killed in a gliding accidentSkelmersdale air cadet Leah Alderson was killed in 1995 aged just 14 when the glider she was in with an instructor plunged 2,000-ft following a mid-air collision. Friends and neighbours of her mum raised £300 to help buy a bench and a sundial as a memorial to her. That tribute stood in her step father’s garden for 16 years until he decided to move houseHe gave the tribute to his daughter – step sister Nicola Brophy – and the sundial was stolen from her garden last Thursday night.
Nicola said: “We are all absolutely devastated that this has happened.
“It was in my dad’s garden for 16 years and then it moves to mine and gets stolen.
“My daughter woke me up about 11.30pm to say the sundial had been stolen.
“The people who took the sundial probably didn’t realise that it is a tribute and we are appealing for it to be returned safe and sound.
“My grandchildren loved having the bench here and they say they are sitting on Leah’s bench when they come.
“I am worried now that the thieves might come back and take the bench.
“Although it is very heavy and I don’t think they will be able to move it.”
Nicola recalled how Leah’s tragic death hit the family hard.
She added: “Leah’s mum Margaret was really nervous the day she went to do the gliding.
“But I told her that Leah would be fine as the RAF do this sort of thing all the time.
“Leah was really excited about going. It was a terrible freak accident.
“Victoria was devastated when Leah died.
“She was only 13 at the time and that is a terrible age to lose someone you are close to.”
Skelmersdale ATC’s headquarters on Daniels Lane is named after Leah.
Commanding officer Flight Lieutenant Jo Henderson said: “Our hearts go out to Nicky and her family, to have had her memorial stolen from her own garden is so sad.
“We were devastated when Leah's sign was vandalised at the Squadron HQ so we know from experience a little of how she must be feeling.”
The theft has been reported to police.
If anyone can help with their enquiries they should call Skelmersdale Police on 0845 1 25 35 45.

(Reproduced from The Skelmersdale Advertiser, 25th August)

Gardien Tip:  Never under-estimate the weight of items which can be stolen from around your house. Use property marking on valuable items to facilitate return by the Police.  See the advice at http://www.garden-security.co.uk/SelectaMark-Property-Marking.aspx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A third of house raids are sneak-ins

A THIRD of house burglaries in Doncaster are the work of sneak thieves and the continuing good weather has prompted police to issue a fresh crime prevention warning.

With many people spending time in the garden or popping round to see friends over the Bank Holiday weekend, detectives fear there will be more crime reports to handle by the end of August.
South Yorkshire Police are reminding residents not to leave their doors and windows unlocked and risk becoming a victim of a sneak-in burglary.
If windows and doors are left unlocked, criminals on the lookout for an easy opportunity can slip in and out of people’s homes, taking valuables and personal possessions.
Det Insp Steve Whittaker said: “It only takes a few seconds for thieves to get away with valuable items, and sometimes they may even take your car if keys are left on show.
“I want to remind people to always ensure that windows and doors are locked as a third of all home burglaries in Doncaster are down to ‘sneak in’ burglaries.
“We need the public to help us prevent these types of burglaries by always keeping keys and valuables out of sight, and even if you are only in the garden ensuring that windows and doors are not left open. “We will do everything we can to catch and prosecute criminals who are caught committing this type of offence.”
To keep homes and valuables safe, always keep doors and windows locked, even if you are only in the garden or outside the house, he said.
Always put keys out of sight and out of reach from windows and doors. Don’t leave keys in doors where they could be grabbed through the letter box.
Remove valuables from sight. Don’t leave valuables on show near windows and doors. Keep vehicles and garages locked at all times.
If you see anything suspicious, such as people going up and down drives report it to the police immediately

(Reproduced from The Star, 23rd August 2011)

Gardien Tip: Make it as difficult as possible for unwanted visitors to enter your garden. Also use property marking to enable easy retrieval of any items which might be stolen. Plenty of advice and products available at www.garden-security.co.uk

Friday, August 19, 2011

Garden Security - The Irish View

By Sergeant Ian O'callaghan, Crime Prevention Officer for Cork West Garda Division.
WHEN we think of crime prevention and how we can secure our homes we often forget to consider our gardens and everything in them.
Your garden contains valuable possessions that thieves can easily sell. Thieves can also use implements found in the garden to break into your home.
By taking some simple precautions you can reduce the risk of being burgled, increase the security of your home and garden, and make life more difficult for any would be intruders.
Your perimeter/boundary is your first line of defence. This includes your walls, fences, gates and hedges.
Walls fences and gates in the rear garden should be at least 1.8 metres (6 feet) high. It is often a good idea to fix a trellis to the top as it provides an extra barrier to negotiate and is also likely to break if climbed, creating noise and attracting attention regardless how energetic the thief is.
Suitable thorny/prickly climbers could be grown through the trellis as an extra deterrant.
Ensure that side gates or doors are robust and locked with good quality padlocks or deadlocks and that they cannot be lifted off their hinges. Regularly check for damage or weakness and repair as necessary.
The height of the gate/door should complement the height of the walls.
A barrier consisting of a dense prickly hedge running along your perimeter/boundary is well worth considering. Most would-be intruders will be deterred from seeking entry through this route. There are many plants suitable for such a role. The following list, that I have researched, is not exhaustive and is offered as a guide only - you should discuss with a horticultural expert at your garden centre or nursery. Holly, Berberis, Firethorn, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Pernettya Climbing Rambling or Shrub Roses.
Sheds garages and outhouses should be kept closed and locked when not in use. They should all be kept in good condition — windows and doors are particularly vulnerable and prone to damage. You should consider the following - Fit metal grilles or strong mesh to the windows and a net curtain inside to prevent a person seeing in.
Doors should be secured with mortice deadbolts or good security quality closed shackled padlocks, as appropriate. If using a padlock ensure that the hasp and staple are fitted securely and bolted through the door with concealed screws/bolts eg. one-way screws.
Connect your shed to your home intruder alarm system, if you have one installed.
Machinery tools and implements are attractive to thieves for two reasons: (1) some are valuable and can easily be sold on and (2) some can assist in actually breaking into your home.
Don't leave ladders lying around the garden - secure them to a wall or other solid object.
Don't leave garden tools eg. spades, forks etc. lying around - they too can be used to break into your home.
Lock away in your garage or shed valuable machinery such as lawn mowers, shredders, power washers, bikes etc. It is also a good idea to further secure these items within the garage or shed eg. by individual chaining to the wall or by intertwined chaining of them all to each other etc.
Other tools eg. hammers, screwdrivers etc. should be kept in a secure lockable container within your garage/shed, preferably anchored to the wall/floor.
Consider property marking, in particular, valuable items such as lawnmowers and so on. As with property inside your home take photographs for record purposes and ease of identification.
Garden furniture and ornaments casn be expensive to buy. This makes them attractive to thieves.
Where possible secure furniture and ornaments to the ground or a solid wall etc .
Take photos and make notes of all scratches indentations and defects.
Landscaping and garden maintenance are important aspects of garden security. A neglected poorly maintained overgrown garden conveys a message that the owner may be absent or doesn't care whereas a well maintained and properly landscaped garden evokes a sense of territoriality and can enhance access control and surveillance opportunities.
If going away for a prolonged period ensure your grass is cut during your absence. Keep shrubs hedges and large plants pruned and cut back so as not to afford cover for thieves and also allow better surveillance by you and/or your neighbours.
Most gardens are dark at night allowing would-be thieves the opportunity to hide easily. Fit exterior lights that have sensors attached (either continuous dusk till dawn or those triggered by motion detectors).
Household insurance policies should be checked with your insurer to determine whether they cover theft and/or damage to garden machinery tools, other equipment and garden ornaments etc. You should also check if there are any minimum security standards required and if there are any particular restrictions applying.

(Reproduced from Corkman.ie   18th Aug 2011)

Gardien Tip:  Excellent advice which is obviously applicable wherever you live. The products you need to help prevent problems can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden theft warning

A WARNING has been issued to Downham (Norfolk) homeowners following a spate of garden thefts.

In the past month, seven outdoor areas have been targeted and items which have been taken include two topiary trees, a large concrete flower pot, four garden lanterns, 18 conifers and a number of solar lights.
Insp Mick Bates said: “Thefts of equipment and ornaments from gardens can be upsetting for those who have put time and effort into making their gardens a nice place to spend their time.
“Where possible, valuable items should be brought in or stored in a secure shed when not in use. If you do leave things outside, secure them in position or fill with heavy gravel to prevent easy carrying.”
Other security advice includes ensuring your fences and gates are in good repair, where possible, install security lighting, keep gardens cut back and put down gravel on paths and driveways.
If you witness anyone acting suspiciously in gardens or around properties during the day or after dark call police on 999, if you believe a crime is in progress or 0845 4564567.
For further information or advice contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0845 4564567 or visit www.norfolk.police.uk

(Reproduced from Lynn News 3rd August 2011)

Gardien Tip: Garden Crime continues to cause a great deal of upset for the victims - plenty of advice and garden security products can be found at www.garden-security.co.uk

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turf is stolen from garden

A PATCH of artificial turf was stolen from a back garden.
The theft of the turf happened at a property in Merlin Way, Hartlepool sometime between 9pm on Friday, July 29 and 10am on Saturday, July 30.
The thieves are believed to have entered the back garden, lifted a children’s playhouse, a large slide and children’s toys off the turf before removing the fastenings and rolling it up.
The stolen turf is three metres by four metres and has a rubber backing.
Police are appealing for any information which may help them in tracking down the thieves.
Anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously who may have had a pick-up truck or flat bed truck to transport the turf is asked to call PC Lorene Haworth on (01642) 302178.
Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from Peterlee Mail, 2nd August 2011)

Gardien Tip: Absolutely nothing is sacred, and everything costs money. The advice is to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to enter your garden uninvited - see the advice at  http://www.garden-security.co.uk/gates-security.aspx