Thursday, September 27, 2012

Distinctive jet ski stolen from Langstone garden

APPEAL Police want to find this stolen jet ski
APPEAL Police want to find this stolen jet ski

POLICE have released this photo of a jet ski which was stolen from a back garden.
The bright yellow and red machine was stolen from the garden of a house in Rectory Road, Langstone.
It was taken between 2.30am and 4am on Tuesday, August 21. Details have only just been released by police.
Someone entered the garden by climbing over the fence and opening the gate to wheel the jet ski out into a waiting van.
The jet ski is distinctive as it has been custom painted yellow and gold with a distinctive red half five pointed star.
The expensive machine had the words Jet Maniac in black on the front.
PC Chris Wimshurst, from Havant police station, who is investigating, said: ‘Being close to the coast, marine crime can be a problem for us.
‘We are appealing for any information about the theft of this jet ski.
‘We are also reminding people who own watercraft of any description to keep them locked up and secure when not in use.’
Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Chris Wimshurst at Havant police station.
Contact him by phoning 101.
Information can be given anonymously by phoning the Crimestoppers charity on             0800 555 111     

(Reproduced from The News (Portsmouth)  27th Sept)
Gardien Comment: Items of such value are best locked away, preferably in a secure metal shed. See the range at

Stolen dogs ‘dumped on M-way’

POLICE investigating the theft of two miniature dachshunds from a North Yorkshire garden believe the dogs may have been dumped on a motorway.
Queenie and Roxi were taken from the garden of a property just outside Spofforth on Tuesday, August 21.
On September 18, at about 9.30am, West Yorkshire Police received several calls from members of the public reporting that two dachshunds had been abandoned on the A1(M) between junctions 41 and 42 in the Knottingley area.
The dogs were reportedly dumped by the occupants of a blue Volkswagen Golf which then left the scene, travelling on to the A63 towards Selby before turning off towards Tadcaster . Police would like to speak to the occupants of the car, or anyone who can help identify them.

Officers would also like to speak to a woman driving a red car seen to stop at the side of the road, possibly trying to get the dogs into her car. PC Cheryl Power of Knaresborough police, said: “We are also appealing to any vets or dog rescue centres anywhere in the country who have had any dachshunds brought to them in the last week or so.”

(Reproduced from York Evening Press,  27th Sept)

Gardien Comment: The number of animal thefts from gardens is quite alarming. Greater security is obviously required where pets are allowed to roam outside.  See the genral advice on garden security at

Dogs, elephant and gnome among garden items taken in spate of thefts

A garden gnome, four dog statues and an ornamental elephant have all been stolen from gardens in the Beccles and Worlingham area.
The ornaments have been stolen from four different addresses, with the gnome, three dogs and an elephant all taken overnight in the space of two days.
A garden gnome and two stone ornaments in the shape of dogs were stolen from the front garden of a home at Samford Court, Worlingham, between 9.15pm on Saturday and 8.30am on Sunday.
A bench seat was also stolen but this was found on Worlingham park behind the primary school.
In a similar incident a concrete elephant ornament was stolen from the front garden of a home at Stuart Drive, in Beccles, between 2pm on Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday.
Reports of this come after a concrete dog statue was taken from the front garden of a home in Coney Hill, Beccles, the previous evening.

The 2ft high black Labrador concrete statue was taken between 7pm on Friday and 10.30am on Saturday.
A white Old English Sheepdog statue was also taken from the front garden at a home in Bluebell Way, Worlingham, between 7pm on Thursday, September 13 and 8am on Friday, September 14.
A spokesman for Suffolk Police said they were keeping an open mind at the possibility of the crimes being linked and appealed for people to come forward with information.
“Some people might think it is amusing but there has been quite considerable distress for some older residents,” she said.
Anyone with information about who took the ornaments or where they are now should call the Beccles and Bungay Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.

(Reproduced from 25th Sept)

Gardien Coomment:  See the advice and security products available at

14-week-old puppy stolen from garden

A MUM-TO-BE has spoken of her shock after her puppy was stolen from her garden.
Pregnant Shauna Emmerson, 17, says her Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Rocky had only be left alone for a few minutes.
She has little faith he will be returned and is now appealing for whoever took him to ensure he is looked after properly.
Shauna, of Bransholme, said: "I only had him about nine weeks.
"I bought him from a friend and got him as a treat for myself.
"He is really playful and a typical puppy. I'd take him for walks and play with him.
"He was the first dog I'd ever had."
The 14-week-old pup is thought to have been taken on Friday, September 14, at about 12.45pm.
Shauna, who lives with her boyfriend's mum in Ringstead Garth, said: "My boyfriend's mum called me and said she was going out to a doctor's appointment.
"She left and we headed back home.
"As soon as I came through the gate, I saw he wasn't there.
"We looked down the street but we couldn't see anything.
"I was really upset."
Shauna and her boyfriend Sean Tooth believe it is very unlikely Rocky escaped.
When they returned home, the garden gate was shut, which means Rocky would have had to scale a 5ft fence to get out.
Shauna, who is 29 weeks pregnant, said: "I got the puppy now so that when the baby came they'd be used to each other and grow up together.
"I'm not getting another one now. The same thing could just happen again."
Sean said Shauna is heartbroken about the theft.
He said: "Rocky was such a good dog and I doubt he would have run off because he was really slow. Once I took him off the lead and he just walked beside me.
"Shauna has been really upset and angry.
"I really hope someone nice is looking after him."
Rocky has black and brown brindle colouring, with a white patch under his chin.
Three of his paws are black and one is white.
Anyone who may know of his whereabouts is urged to call Humberside Police on 101 quoting crime number 1930221. 

(Reproduced from Hull Daily Mail,  25th Sept)

Gardien Comment: Yet another pet theft.  It is vital that gardens are as difficult as possible to enter if pets are to be left outside. See the advice and products at

Police launch new bid to beat shed burglars

POLICE in South Tyneside have launched a new bid to beat shed burglars.
They are handing out signs which can be attached to garden sheds and outhouses, letting would-be burglars know that no bikes or other items of value are stored inside.
The signs will be given to previous victims of shed burglary and those living in areas affected by the crime, and have been paid for with cash from Safer South Tyneside.
Officers are also continuing to patrol identified areas to deter and target thieves.
As well as using the signs, they are urging people to secure their gardens and sheds to keep would-be thieves at bay.
Inspector Peter Sutton said: “We continue to focus our attentions on areas where thieves are known to have struck.
“The signs have worked well in the past, and are yet another tool in our efforts to cut shed break-ins.
“However, we do still need people’s help, and would urge them to take responsibility for their property by ensuring their sheds are secure and, where possible, to refrain from storing high-value items inside them.
“If there is a need to do so, make sure the property is marked with postcodes so there’s a chance the item can be returned if stolen and recovered.
“Bikes should always be locked, even inside the shed, and secured to an anchor point.
“Locks should be used on garden gates and no items left lying round the garden.
“Shed-bars and alarms are also an effective crime prevention tool and can be bought at DIY stores relatively inexpensively.”
Coun Tracey Dixon, South Tyneside Council’s lead member for community safety, said: “Protecting our residents and reducing the fear of crime is very important to us.
“I’m delighted that we are able to provide people with crime prevention measures such as these signs through Safer South Tyneside funding.
“I hope that they prove an effective deterrent to would-be burglars.”
Further crime prevention advice is available on the Northumbria Police website,

(Reproduced from Shields Gazette  24th Sept)
Gardien Comment: See the article on Shed Security at

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Officers descend on crime hit area

Police will be joined by special constables and officers from Chorley Council and South Ribble Council to warn residents about the importance of locking their doors and windows after an increase in ‘opportunist’ crime in the area.
Police say incidents of bike thefts and garden and shed break-ins are on the up on the newly built estates of Buckshaw Village - and now it’s time to take action.
Sgt Andy Bramhall, who is leading the action on Wednesday, said: “There has been a spike in crime in the Buckshaw Village area of Chorley purely because people are failing to secure their property.
“On Wednesday we are going to having as many officers working in the area as possible wearing high visibility jackets.
“They will be trying car doors, garages, houses and tracing the owners of valuable left out such as bikes to advise them and offer security advice.”
The operation, being called an ‘Evening of Action’ will take place between 4pm and 10pm on Wednesday.
Sgt Kev Mountain, of Chorley Police, said police needed to show residents these incidents were being taken seriously, and people needed to do their bit in keeping the area safe.
He said: “There has been quite a few sneak-in type burglaries in garages which have been left unlocked.
“It seems to be concentrated at the moment around the Buckshaw Village area.
“People don’t seem to be taking any notice, so we just want to put on a show of strength so people will hopefully notice the uniforms and come and speak to us to see what is going on. We need to get the message across and encourage people to lock their doors.”
Kaye Davies chairman of Buckshaw Village Community Association (BVCA) said: “I think it is great initiative that the police and council officers from both Chorley and South Ribble are going around to do this.
“It is very important that the residents and locals do what they can to try to discourage crime in the area.
“I think news of a spike in crime is concerning for people in the village but from what we are being told there is a lot we can do to stop it, especially the opportunistic crimes.
“It is all about trying to secure our homes and then at the same time talking to our neighbours so that they can also take action.”
(Reproduced from Lancashire Evening Post, 22nd Sept)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mountain bikes worth £10,000 stolen in Welwyn Garden City

Between Saturday July 21 and Sunday July 29, thieves broke into a garage in Lady Grove using a spade to force open the door.
They took four top-end mountain bikes – two are pictured – a lime green Santa Cruz Heckler, a black and gold Epic Expert Evo, a red Specialised FSR XC Pro and a blue Specialised Pitch Comp.
Details of the theft have only recently been released.
Police are appealing to anyone who saw anything suspicious between those dates or who may have been offered these bikes for sale to call the non-emergency number 101.

(Reproduced from Welwyn Hatfield Times, 19th Sept)

Gardien Comment: See the article on Bike Security at

Fenland: Stolen Bikes

Cambridgeshire Police are warning cyclists in Fenland to make sure their bikes are locked up securely after 15 were stolen recently.
The bikes have been taken from towns including Wisbech, March, Whittlesey and Chatteris since the 29th of August.
According to Police, many were left unsecured outside shops, in gardens and in sheds.
Over last weekend, two were stolen from outside Ingleberry caravan site in Osborne Road, Wisbech, two from the front garden of a home in Southwell Road, Wisbech, and another from a shed at a home in Dartford Road, March.
Crime reduction officer Julie Hanrahan said: "It only takes a few minutes for a bike to be ridden away by a thief so my message would be, If you value it, lock it, don't lose it.
More than half of all bicycle thefts take place at the owner's property.
Simple crime prevention methods can lessen the chance of having a bicycle stolen.
It may seem like there are lots of things to think about when locking a bike but once you get into the habit you will be able to lock your bike within seconds and it will be well worth the trouble."

Cambridgeshire Police advice on ensuring bikes are locked securely:
Secure removable parts.
Lock both wheels and the frame together.
Take smaller parts and accessories that can be removed with tools with you.
Make the lock (and chain, if used) and bike harder to manoeuvre when parked to stop thieves smashing the lock open.
Keep the lock (and/or chain) away from the ground.
Keep the gap between the bike and lock small.
Never leave the lock lying on the pavement - a lock can be sledge hammered easily when it is resting on the ground.
Locks can also be picked, so face the lock towards the ground (but not resting on it) so it can't easily be turned upwards for picking.
Register you cycle for free at
Keep a detailed description of the cycle, make, model, frame number, colour and any distinctive markings.
Mark the bike using a clearly visible and secure marking in two separate places.
Anyone with information about bike theft is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

(Reproduced from 19th Sept)

Gardien Comment: Also look at the article on Bike Security at

£500 Rotavator theft in Dorchester youth centre break-in

VOLUNTEERS at a Dorchester youth centre have been left frustrated after their garden was broken into for a second time.
Rory Major, of the Dorchester Youth and Community Centre in Kings Road, said a rotovator worth £500 was stolen during the break-in last Thursday night, sometime after 10pm.
The thieves also made off with a wheelbarrow and a roll of barbed wire.
Rory said: “It must have been after 10pm because that’s when we were last here and we closed up.
“When we arrived, there were not any tell-tale signs and we didn’t go out in the garden until we had one of our disability groups come in to use the garden and they found holes cut in the fence.”

In May the youth centre had its sheds broken into but there was nothing taken.
Rory urged anyone who had seen or heard anything or who knew anything about the break-in to report the matter to the police.

(Reproduced from Dorset Echo, 19th Sept)

Gardien Comment:  Valuable items need to be stored away securely, ideally in secure metal sheds. See the range of units available at

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another garden ornament stolen in Ulverston.

POLICE hope the public will be able to help after the second incident of theft in Tyson Square, Ulverston, in less than a week.A one-foot tall fibreglass elephant ornament was taken from the front garden of a house in the square sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.Officers would like to speak to a young male, who was wearing a grey hooded jumper and was spotted in the area.The incident follows the theft of two grey meerkat ornaments and a fawn coloured Bambi-style ornament from a garden sometime between Wednesday and Friday.

 Anyone who can help should contact Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

(Reproduced from the Westmorland Gazette, 17th Sept)

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Newham police issue advice on garden crime

Your garden, as well as your house, has possessions that burglars would love to steal.
It also has equipment that could help them break in, said Pc Andy Whitefield, Newham Crime Prevention Adviser.
Theft of garden equipment is a growing menace. Most burglars are lazy. They look for easy ways of getting into a house or garden. By taking precautions you can reduce the risk of being burgled and make your house and garden more secure.
* Put away all tools and equipment and ensure outside sheds and store cupboards are securely locked when not in use.
* Bring tools inside if you have no shed or outbuilding.
* Use plant protection such as thorny shrubs and consider installing automatic security lighting.
* If you have a burglar alarm, extend it to cover outbuildings and sheds.
* If you have valuable plants or ornaments photograph them. Marking ornaments with your postcode makes stolen property easier to trace and it can be identified as yours.
* Check your household insurance policy covers theft from a garden and outbuildings.
* Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme by contacting your local safer neighbourhood team for details.
(Reproduced from Newham Recorder, Sept 15th)
Gardien Comment:  As the article says, Garden Crime continues to increase. Full advice and security products can be found at

Friday, September 7, 2012

Family heartbroken after pet dog stolen


Stolen: Angel was taken from the garden of her family's home.Stolen: Angel was taken from the garden of her family's home.
A DOG owner has been left heartbroken after her 11-month-old pet was stolen from her back garden.
Lisa Bill, of Stourport, put her dog on a lead while she visited Severn Valley Railway with her family at 2pm last Saturday but when she returned the pet had gone.
The mother of four said she got home at about 10pm to find her back gate kicked in and left wide open but no sign of the dog, a greyhoundlurcher cross, called Angel.
“I’m absolutely heartbroken,” said Miss Bill, of Vernon Road. “I feel sad and angry that somebody can do that.
“I’ve got children and they are absolutely heartbroken.
“My partner [Philip Walters] went to get her while I was putting the boys to bed and I heard him say ‘Angel?’ He came up to me all out of breath panicking and said ‘the dog’s gone’.”
She added Mr Walters bought the pet for her as a Christmas present after another dog she owned was put down due to cancer.
“I didn’t think anybody could stoop so low,” she said.
“I just want her back. It’s not nice to think that somebody has taken her.
“It’s like one of your family, a dog. To me it’s like losing a child.”
A West Mercia Police spokeswoman said police were investigating the theft.
Anyone with information should call police on 101.
(Reproduced from the Kidderminster Shuttle, 7th September)
Gardien Comment: Sadly there are too many reports of pets being stolen. Thought has to be given to their security and access to gardens has to be made as difficult as possible. See the advice and products at

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bruce sculptures stolen from castle

The busts, one made of sandstone and the other of wood, were taken from a garden at Doune Castle, near Stirling, between 13 and 20 August, although the theft was only reported this week.
The sandstone bust is about 12in high; the other is slightly smaller.
They are each worth a four-figure sum, police said.
Doune Castle, built in the 13th century, is run by Historic Scotland and is a popular tourist attraction and wedding venue.
Police are appealing for anyone with information about the theft to contact them.
A spokeswoman added: “Both statues are very distinctive.”
(Reproduced from  6th Sept)
Gardien Comment: See the advice re protection of garden antiques at

Sheffield birthday boy devastated as new bicycle is stolen

Jesse Urhobo had just parked up his beloved bike in his garden on Leighton Road, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, when thieves jumped over the wall or unlocked the gate to ride off on his prized possession.
The Valley Park Community Primary School pupil had received the bike from his mum Erijo only two weeks earlier.
Erijo, a student, also works as a dinner lady and had spent months saving up the £130 she needed to buy the bike for her eldest child.
She said her son is ‘devastated’ by the theft.
“All he wanted was a bike but they are so expensive,” said Erijo.
“So I saved and saved and saved, and on his birthday I took him to Toys R Us as a surprise - he was so excited.
“It was lovely to see him so happy in the shop choosing which bike he wanted.
“He has been really upset because he was really proud of the bike.
“I think whoever took it knew he had it and was waiting for an opportunity to get it.
“They have probably sold it and now I have to try to save up again for another.
“I can’t believe that after just two weeks somebody would take a bike from a little boy.”
Erijo said a group of youths had been seen close to her home on the day the bike was stolen. She has notified South Yorkshire Police of the theft last Monday, and urged anyone who knows who is responsible to contact officers.
Anyone with information should call 101 or Crimestoppers on            0800 555 111      .
(Reproduced from The Star, 6th Sept)
Gardien Comment: Bike security is a major issue. See the article at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scots tycoon offers £500 reward after Simon Cowell scarecrow is nabbed

ALAN LOVE put the scarecrow in his garden for an annual charity competition but his four-year-old daughter Mia was left in tears when thieves nicked the head.
A MILLIONAIRE is offering a £500 reward to catch thieves who stole the head from his Simon Cowell scarecrow.
Alan Love put the scarecrow in his garden for an annual charity competition in his town.
But his four-year-old daughter Mia was left in tears when thieves nicked the head.
Alan, of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, said: “Mia goes out with her mum to the garden every morning and every evening to check that the Simon Cowell scarecrow is OK.
“When we came home and discovered it was gone, Mia was really upset. She was in tears and everything. I’m not happy.”
Hundreds of local people make figures for the three-day Bothwell Scarecrow Festival and the event raises cash for Yorkhill children’s hospital in Glasgow.
Alan has been scouring CCTV footage in a bid to catch the thieves who stole X Factor chief Cowell’s head. He has even printed “wanted” posters asking for help to nail the yobs.
And as well as the £500 reward for catching the culprits, the tycoon says he will donate another £500 to charity if the £25 mask is returned safely.
Alan, 43, added: “The whole idea of the scareceows is for a bit of fun for the kids and to raise money for charity.”
Police are looking into the theft, which happened last Wednesday.
The scarecrow festival was started last year and featured more than 300 homemade figures.
Last year, a 91-year-old woman was in left in tears after her scarecrow was stolen from her garden.
Alan, who drives a Rolls-Royce, made a fortune when his Homestyle Kitchens and Bedrooms firm were sold to Morris Furniture in 2006
(Reproduced from The Daily Record, 5th Sept)
Gardien Comment: Restricting access to the garden is the first part of the solution here. See the advice and products available at Beyond that, a good CCTV system with audible warning will normally scare off unwanted visitors (new product coming soon).